So much stuff, so little time

There’s plenty out there the last day or so so I’m just going to mention and link to what a couple of the biggest highlights.

  • Paul Krugman is again on the mark in his latest NY Times column. A brief excerpt: “we should be deeply disturbed by the history of this war. For its message seems to be that as long as you wave the flag convincingly enough, it doesn’t matter whether you tell the truth.”
  • The Minneapolis Star Tribune also is on the beam with its editorial saying Howard Dean is being unfairly criticized for his recent comments that capturing Saddam didn’t make us any safer. The more I hear from Dean lately the more I find to like. But what really pisses me off is that other Democratic candidates are in the forefront of leveling criticism. It’s further evidence that these guys’ internecine warfare could cost everyone the ultimate goal — dumping Bush.

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