The effect of burning your bridges

The NY Times reports, “The Bush administration has run into such stiff opposition at the United Nations Security Council to its plan for the future government of Iraq that it has pulled back from seeking a quick vote endorsing the proposal and may shelve it altogether.” Seems to me a few months ago we decided […]

Since journalism is a recent topic

here’s two topical items of interest.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has released an updated white paper on the impact the “war on terrorism” is having on access to information and the First Amendment. Proving such a serious-minded entity has at least a moderate sense of humor, it categorizes the danger using […]

Plamegate a distraction?

thoughts on the eve of the apocalypse notes a USA Today article, correctly pointing out that the Plamegate frenzy is leading to the media giving short shrift to equally important and more longstanding issues.

A prime example is the Kay Report. Bush insisted we couldn’t wait any longer for the UN inspectors but his […]

People are slow learners but

This New York Times article on the latest Times/CBS poll shows maybe people are finally catching up: “Thirteen months before the 2004 election, a solid majority of Americans say the country is seriously on the wrong track.”

Trying to have it both ways

Note the approach the New York Times is taking on the media predicament discussed below. It says: “the Bush administration should not use the serious purpose of this inquiry to turn it into an investigation of Mr. Novak or any other journalist, or to attempt to compel any journalists to reveal their sources. The Justice […]