Just plain scary

Kicking Ass, the Demo Party blog, asserts (accurately, I think) that the 2000 Texas GOP platform is the national party’s long-term vision for America. Combined with the neocon approach to foreign policy and we truly are living in times that resemble a bad science fiction novel.

Coping with reality by ignoring it

Talking Points Memo has Condi Rice’s inexplicable claim that the Kay Report justifies the invasion nailed as just more “up-is-downism.”

Every administration fudges, conceals, or deceives in this way or that. But, at least in my memory, I cannot remember any administration or even any administration official that so routinely says things that are […]

That secrecy thing

The proceedings involving alleged spying at Gitmo/Camp X-Ray are the latest nirvana for the Bush Administration’s secrecy fetish. According to an AP story, even the name of the clerk of courts was blacked out on the documents released to the press. Additionally, reporters traveling to Gitmo recently have been asked to sign agreements that they […]

Yeah, and 70% think Saddam had something to do with 9-11

According to The Gallup Poll, “Forty-five percent of Americans believe the news media in this country are too liberal, while only 14% say the news media are too conservative.” Interestingly, another Gallup Poll shows that “trust in government” has returned to pre-September 11 levels, dropping from 80+ percent to 63 percent.

Want truth? Watch where the money’s going

Want to know why Bush wants so much money to “rebuild” Iraq? Here’s some key clues.

AlterNet has an excellent article on who’s who and who’s getting what in the “reconstruction” effort. Then check out a NY Times article and an NPR report on how the contracting is rife with corruption and unnecessary or exorbitant […]