Like a corkscrew to my heart

I don’t watch much TV but tonight it brought me true pain and a sign Armageddon is approaching. Not only is Bob Dylan’s song “Love Sick” being used in a Victoria’s Secret ad, Bob himself makes an appearance. The CEO of Victoria’s Secret offers the only explanation that makes any sense: “We asked him to […]

Make that a Grande’ screw-up

This is a classic. Some Bushie left Donald Rumsfeld’s talking points for the Sunday morning news shows — plus a map to Rumsfeld’s home — sitting on a table at Starbucks. They’re now in the hands of the Center for American Progress. You can download them in PDF format here. They include the Center’s suggested […]

South Dakota’s Nader (or the nadir of a phony campaign?)

Tim Giago now claims that instead of running against Tom Daschle in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, he’s going to run in the general election as an independent. Of course, the “pundits” are talking about a Nader effect because the Indian reservations in South Dakota are heavily Democratic. The most recent voter registration figures show […]

SD GOP discovers “secret” web page

I feel somewhat embarrassed that Kos caught this and I was unaware. According to the Associated Press, the South Dakota GOP claims Stephanie Herseth is “maintaining a secret Web page to receive campaign donations raised from ads on liberal groups’ Internet sites.”

The “secret Web page” is actually the page you’re taken to if […]

What is this BS?

From today’s New York Times: “The White House announced late Thursday that Ms. Rice was willing to appear before the panel again, but only in private and not under oath.” (Emphasis added). Can’t help but make you wonder if Condi is willing to spread the White House line but not willing to be indicted for […]