Just shoot me

First, it’s Dylan in a Victoria’s Secret ad. Now there’s this.

Net has given a eight-to-10-episode production commitment to the tentatively titled “The Partner,” an hourlong skein in which a group of newly minted lawyers will battle each other to win a job as a partner in a major law firm.

* * *

Contestants will be divided into two teams — one made up of Ivy League grads, the other consisting of players who attended less prestigious schools. Each week, teams will compete by serving as prosecutors or defenders in mock trials inspired by actual cases. A jury of real people — selected by the lawyers/contestants — will determine the winner of each trial.

I am pleased first of all to say that I have not seen five minutes of any “reality” TV show. Second, when I was in law school, we called in moot court. Finally, if that’s the way you’re picking partners in your law firm, I don’t want anything to do with you.

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