Blistering Bush and crew

  • Manuel Valenzuela, a contributing editor at Axis of Logic, has never been shy in putting it to the Bushies and their policies. His latest piece, The War of Error, is blistering. An edited summary of his explanation of the beginnings of that war:

    The so-called “war on terror” was lost the moment George W. Bush was appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court. Of course at the time nobody could foresee what the fraud in Florida would help set free. * * *

    The dubiously named “war on terror” was lost the moment the cabal of neoconservatives usurped power in Washington, descending like a flock of vultures from their warmongering flight. * * *

    Thus was born the War of Error, a war unlike all others, self-defeating and perpetual, that instead of solving problems has and will continue to exacerbate them. Thus was born a War of Proxy, of Greed, Deceit, Criminality and Stupidity. A war not of necessity but of choice; a war that only enraged an already burning world opinion resulting from America’s continual devastation of people’s life, health, opportunity, ability and freedom through the incessant mechanisms of oppression and exploitation arising out of the debilitating forays into global empire building.

  • Al Gore hits again with what the BBC calls his “most scathing attack on the Bush administration yet.” There’s a transcript here. And as an aside, Bruce Springsteen liked Gore’s May 26 speech at NYU so much he put it on his website. In addition to asking why Gore didn’t use this persona four years ago, the bigger question is where are other national Democratic figures?

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