Farenheit 9-11

I just came from seeing this film and YOU MUST SEE IT.

Sure, me seeing the movie is like the converted listening to another sermon. And there’s no doubt it is one-sided and slanted. Even I thought of responses to some of the statements Michael Moore makes. Yet the last 30 or so minutes of the film should be seen by everyone — not for its political content but the human impact. There were more than a few tears being shed throughout the theater. This film is documentary film-making at its best.

And if even if you care less what I say about the movie, go see it if simply to reward Century Theaters for actually bringing it to Sioux Falls. Besides, how often are you ever going to see a documentary where the audience applauds at the end?

As a final aside, many of South Dakota’s rabid right circle jerk bloggers (to whom I refuse to link) are blathering about Daschle attending the Washington premier and that the movie is unjustified third party support for Daschle in his Senate race. You can tell they haven’t seen the film. Moore takes a couple shots at Daschle and there is nothing in the film that could be construed as pro-Daschle. Of course, not seeing or having any intent to see the film doesn’t preclude these fools from authoritatively commenting on it. Maybe it would do them some good to get away from the circle jerk and rightwing screeds for a mere two hours and see another viewpoint.

2 comments to Farenheit 9-11

  • I’m a bit concerned about why you refuse to link to the Dakota Alliance of blogs.

    Are you worried that they might notice you? That they may try to engage you in a discussion? I know all of the fellows, and they’re all quite civil and friendly. Not like you’d know, of course.

  • I found it somewhat amusing that South Dakota’s largest chain of theaters and most likely part of one of those media monsters thrilled with Bush tolerance of mega media mergers decided that Fahrenheit 9-11 was not even worth considering for showing since they had such blockbusters as White Chicks already locked and loaded. There primary function is to make money of course if that serves to explain an ideological decision.

    Interesting were some reports indicating the Moore movie had something like twice the viewers of the “blockbuster” which opened in three times as many theaters.

    Now, Disney, which refused to distribute the Moore movie because of it’s political content (why sure), is hustling some hyper-patriotic flagwaving conservative movie into the system to counteract Fahrenheit.

    Just a few more examples of wingnut right hypocrisy, double talk, distortions, smoke and mirrors, and fawning crony capitalism.