Political platforms

Even Robert Novak says the Misleader is trying to shove a platform down the GOP’s throat (with almost half the first draft dedicated to “prais[ing] Bush as a war leader.”) And as might be expected, while keeping them off the main stage at the convention, Bush is more interested in playing to the religious right […]


There’s no other way to put it: Rudy Giuliani is full of shit. He even said the Misleader “can see in the future.”

(And as a follow-up to yesterday’s post about exploiting 9-11, the Washington Post notes today that the opening night of the Repugnican convention “was replete with unabashed efforts to invoke the emotional […]

The difficulty in being a Republican today

Not much blogging. Seeing oldest daughter off to first year of college had bigger impact on weekend (and me) than expected.

Life goes on, though, and today, the Repugnicans will begin exploiting the tragedy of 9-11 and misleading the American public about the effect of Bush’s policies on the “war on terror” and a parade […]

Better off?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about Thune probably wanting to avoid the issue of whether we are better off than we were before Bush took office, here’s a couple items:

With respect to the poverty figures, The Daily Mis-Lead notices that the Great Misleader’s administration

had its top political appointee at the Census Bureau […]


To the Lennox woman whose letter to the editor said radio talk show hosts and bloggers have “diarrhea mouth.” Perhaps I should be offended because it was prompted in part by the Argus article on bloggers, of which I was a part. Thing is, she’s more right than not.

What Thune’s crew has done for us

Thune loves to throw out the names Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton whenever he can. That’s evidently because he dare not talk about what the conservative agenda has produced. If you haven’t seen the news reports, a new Census Bureau report (PDF file) tells us just what the policies Thune supports have wrought.

Nationally, the […]