October surprise hidden?

Tom Tomorrow recently observed that an October surprise may consist as much of what we do not know. Could it be that is happening for South Dakota residents and others?

A friend of mine is a reservist. He was called up nearly two years ago and has been out of state (but not overseas) and away from his wife and young children since with the exception of occasional visits. A couple weeks ago, he was told his outfit would soon learn when they were going home or if they were being extended again. He has now been told word will not be coming until after the election.

It also seems his unit is now going to have an “employer visit day.” Various employers of some of these reservists will travel — at government expense — to where this outfit is currently stationed to observe what they do and have some “briefings.” The date of visit day? November 8.

Perhaps I am just too cynical but it seems an odd “coincidence” that the employers are being invited for briefings at government expense a week after the election. I also doubt the purpose of the briefings is to merely thank the employers and tell them what great employees they have and how happy the government is they will be home in a couple weeks.

If what I fear is true, this is not limited to South Dakota reservists and will impact a very significant number of reservists and their employers. Why would the Bushies want to do anything that might undercut support among military-oriented families prior to the election?

One October surprise may have already been decided and reservists and their employers just aren’t going to learn that until November.

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