If you can only win one

Today’s endorsement of Bush by the Argus as the “clear choice” reminded me of something I was discussing with a friend earlier in the week. Even though South Dakota counts for little in the overall presidential scheme, if you could only win one of the races for president, US Senate and US House, which would you pick?

I would not hesitate to give up Daschle’s Senate seat and (with much, much less trepidation) Herseth’s House seat in exchange for Bush’s re-defeat. Bush and crew have embarked on an agenda that is decimating this country. Daschle’s role or the role of anyone in Congress in halting this onslaught is demonstrated by their ineffectiveness in doing so to date. This doesn’t extend merely to Iraq and foreign policy. The right wing domestic policy is nothing more than tax breaks for the rich and corporate world, almost total disregard or disdain the less privileged in our society and a blatant willingness to sacrifice civil liberties and the Constitution so long as they can impose their views on everyone. Topping all that is that the next President may very well set the future of our Supreme Court for two generations.

People will say, yes but if the Democrats take control of the House and Senate they can stop Bush. I think that argument is nonsensical. Congress does not control the decision-making in any of the executive departments, such as Defense, State or Health and Human Services. And while Congress can block or fight a Supreme Court nomination, rest assured some Bush nominee will end up on the Court if he wins this election.

The presidential election is the single most crucial race for the fate and future of this country. And even if the GOP retains control of the House and/or Senate, I would accept total gridlock over what we have now. At least the head of the beast will have been removed.

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  • HL

    The endorsement of Bush in South Dakota has the same significance as casting a vote for Nader–an act full of symbolism which means nothing more than that. Besides the Argus has to sell papers here in Republican state. Anybody with a brain can see through that one. What a cheap price to pay.