Boy, things are going well now!

Knight-Ridder released this Friday but I didn’t see it until it was in the Argus this morning:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The United States is steadily losing ground to the Iraqi insurgency, according to every key military yardstick.

A Knight Ridder analysis of U.S. government statistics shows that through all the major turning points that raised hopes of peace in Iraq, including the arrest of Saddam Hussein and the handover of sovereignty at the end of June, the insurgency, led mainly by Sunni Muslims, has become deadlier and more effective.

The analysis suggests that unless something dramatic changes – such as a newfound will by Iraqis to reject the insurgency or a large escalation of U.S. troop strength – the United States won’t win the war.

And to think, this is all based on lies by Bush and crew.

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  • Well, if the bleeding heart liberals had not made such a fuss about torture and just followed Alberto Gonzolez’s logic our brave soldiers would not be in such a quagmire.

    “Geneva convention”..we don’t need no stinking conventions.

    Yah, I know it really is too serious for any show of humor… Gotta take seriously those citizens who worship the lies that George Bush walks on.