Boy, things are going well now!

Knight-Ridder released this Friday but I didn’t see it until it was in the Argus this morning:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The United States is steadily losing ground to the Iraqi insurgency, according to every key military yardstick.

A Knight Ridder analysis of U.S. government statistics shows that through all the major turning points that […]

Worth the time (catch up edition)

Travel and the first killer cold of 2005 have slowed things down. Thus, here’s a few things from the last several days I should have mentioned earlier:

14 Days in Iraq maps “the human cost of a fortnight in an embattled land.” Civilian fatalities not included. Clueless or what? From the WaPo: “President Bush said […]

Inaugural “Freedom”

This began as a long post I wrote about the irony in Bush using “freedom” as the theme of his inaugural address and how, in reality, it’s just part of his continued hijacking of that term, 9/11 and “values”. You are spared my discourse because before posting it I saw this post of Juan Cole’s. […]

Principle in politics

Hats off to five South Dakota legislators. The state House voted 63-5 Thursday to approve a resolution “expressing legislative support for the preservation of the words, under God, in the pledge of allegiance.” The resolution purports to be an effort to protect religious tolerance. Yet religious tolerance would recognize that there are persons in this […]


Tomorrow is the inauguration, sealing America to another four years of Bush and drawing the curtain of intolerance even tighter on our nationa and its future. There’s a variety of proposed actions, from Turn Your Back On Bush to Not One Damn Dime. I hope they are successful but, truth be told, they will accomplish […]