Daring the Argus to walk the walk

Hats off to state Rep. Tom Hennies of Rapid City for pointing out the weak spot in the Argus Leader’s stance on the smoking ban legislation.

Today’s Argus editorial chastised the House for tabling a bill that would have banned smoking everywhere but in private homes and designated hotel and motel rooms. As this is apparently the pressing issue of our times, the Argus ties the editorial to two full pages of pictures of each representative with their vote on the tabling motion and their comments. (Plus a front page story on how workers in bars cope with smoking.) Part of Hennies’ comments are right on the mark:

[S]ince you so obviously disagree with allowing smoking in businesses, might I suggest that you refuse advertising in your paper from any business that allows smoking. That would be a good indication of how serious you are about the issue.

No doubt, the Argus hasn’t the guts to put Gannett’s money where its mouth is. And regardless of your view on the smoking ban, it would seem there are other legislative issues — such as school funding — that may be more worthy of two full pages in the Sunday Argus.

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