More catch up notes

  • The NYT interviews Bruce in conjunction with today’s release of Devils and Dust. (Yes, I bought mine this morning). This is another of those interviews that makes me wonder if the reporter has ever been to a Springsteen concert. If they had, they would know it’s like going to a revival meeting and wouldn’t seem so surprised by his approach.
  • The Times also takes note of the discovery at the Library of Congress of an hour-long recording of a 1957 concert by the Thelonious Monk quartet with John Coltrane. Let’s hope it is released on CD.
  • Amy Phillips takes a dim view of Devils & Dust in the Village Voice.
  • Speaking of the Voice, I have to admit getting a kick out of last week’s Sutton Impact.
  • One political comment. After months of WMD stories on the front pages to get us into Iraq, isn’t it interesting how the fact the search for WMD has “‘gone as far as feasible’ and has found nothing” is relegated to the back pages.

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