The governor and the airplanes

The local daily sure went to town today on the governor’s use of state planes. While I do wonder about having non-family and non-state employee travel with him, the last thing I am going to be critical of is his attendance at his kids’ school events.

For years now, my daughters’ school activities — including […]

The season begins

Before my still ongoing boycott of major league baseball began with the players’ strike in 1994, I used to declare that opening day of the major league season meant God was back in his rightful place in the universe. That now applies to the Sioux Falls Stampede and the United State Hockey League.

The Stampede […]

Notes and marginalia

As I continue in the catch-up mode, here’s a few odds and ends:

First, in light of my bemoaning age yesterday, I suppose I would be remiss if I did not note that today is Bruce Springsteen’s 56th birthday. You may have already seen my rant on “podcasts.” That aside, let me highly recommend an […]

DVD Review: No Direction Home (2005)

Fabulous. Wonderful. Fascinating. Slightly flawed. Incomplete.

All of these are perfectly appropriate descriptions of Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home. The documentary was released this week on DVD and will air on the American Masters series on PBS next week. Perhaps what is most impressive is that the interviews with Dylan himself show him at his […]

You know you’re old when

As part of my post-surgery recovery, my orthopedist told me to walking every day and build up to two miles a day within a month of surgery. A bit of rain kept me from walking early this morning so, after a couple hours at work, I decided to get in at least 35 minutes when […]