Alito follow-up

My post this morning about the nomination of Samuel Alito prompted plenty of visits and a few comments. At least one comment said that after having professed to keeping an open mind, I proceeded to attack Alito. Perhaps I wasn’t clear and I think developments today have shown why I want to learn more.

First, […]

Alito and John Thune’s America

Less than a week after the extreme right slapped him in the face, Bush has apparently done penance at their altar by nominating Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. I’m going to wait for more details but note that one conservative told NPR he was a “grand slam” for the right wing and at least […]

Marginalia and notes

A collection of the worst lines ever from SF, fantasy and horror writing. (Via Blog of a Bookslut). Check out a book at the Open Library. (Via Roberson’s Interminable Ramble). Based on a poll of about 4,000 readers, NewScientist Space magazine selected Firefly as the World’s Best Space Sci-Fi Ever. In second was Serenity, the […]

Book Review: Radicals in Robes (2005)

I received Cass R. Sunstein’s Radicals in Robes after Harriett Miers was nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court. I completed it less than 48 hours before “Miers asked Bush” to withdraw her nomination after having been skewered by the right wing of Bush’s base. Though Sunstein wasn’t writing specifically about Miers or the nomination process, […]

Musings on Miers

I heard Harriet Miers had asked Bush to withdraw her nomination on NPR on my way to work. A couple thoughts struck me.

First, it seems this is a White House bordering on either utter disarray or incompetence. It is incredible that the nudge, nudge, wink, wink of “I know her heart” didn’t get through […]