George McGovern podcast

The South Dakota Democractic Party has been offering a series of podcasts lately. The newest one may be worth the time as it has an interview with former Sen. George McGovern.

Acording to the SDDP press release, “Senator McGovern speaks in depth on a wide variety of topics including the war in Iraq, the Democratic Party in South Dakota, the Hunter Thompson memorial service, and the construction of his library.” The podcast is available here

I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.

George McGovern

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  • Thanks for posting, I check your blog everyday. You have some good stuff! Thanks for this. I will listen to it.

    South Dakota is a Great State, always glad to go back and visit family.

  • Anonymous

    I caught Sen. McGovern on MN public radio – he’s still using much the same line.

    When talking about wars, he says that when politicians think up new wars, they should be the first to sign up. And if they are too infirm to carry a rifle, the Senator suggests that they walk out front of the troops to set off the mines.

    I bet that’d keep down the number of discretionary wars!!!