J.A.I.L. Lies – Part 3

Here is the last installment (for now) examining the claims by promoters of South Dakota’s proposed Judicial Accountability Initiative law (J.A.I.L.) that it will not apply to anything other than the judiciary. In the first two posts, I looked at the how the arguments that J.A.I.L. only covers judges and “constitutional procedural issues” are contrary […]

Review: Bound by Law? (2006)

It seems appropriate that the first image you see when you open this work is reminiscent of the Crypt Keeper. After all, the topic is something most people fear — law. In fact, the specific area, copyright law, even causes the knees of some lawyers to quake.

Bound by Law? is a comic book (or […]

Marginalia, dicta and miscellany

Taking a break from J.A.I.L., here’s a few recent items of interest:

As Rick over at The Agony Column broadens his review subjects, he looks at Karen Armstrong’s latest (which has been added to my “wish list”). Barnes & Noble has launched an online site to sell your used books, although it appears to be […]

J.A.I.L. Lies – Part 2

My last post on the South Dakota’s Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) addressed the efforts of J.A.I.L.ers to claim the proposed constitutional amendment applies only to the judiciary. Today we’ll explore another of the arguments on this point made by “Barbie” of the national J.A.I.L. organization, specifically the contention that the amendment applies only to […]

Trying to hold on to his J.A.I.L. award

Looks like PP isn’t easily going to give up his title as the blogger “most critical” of South Dakota’s Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.). While I was reading and relaxing last night, PP was digging around.

And what did he find? A blog operated by South Dakota’s JAILer-in-Chief, Bill Stegmeier. (You may recall that Bonnie […]