The cup

Congrats to former Sioux Falls Stampede player Chad LaRose, who will now have his name inscribed on the Stanley Cup as a member of the winning Carolina Hurricanes.

LaRose was a member of the Stampede in its first year of existence and played part of year two before moving to the Ontario Hockey League. He is one of the first two Stampede alum to play in the NHL, both this year. LaRose took the hard route. He was undrafted and worked his way through the minors after signing a free agent contract with Carolina in 2003.

After playing in two of the first three games of the finals, LaRose was a healthy scratch in Games 4, 5 and 6. Yet not only did he play in Game 7, he wore one of NBC’s player microphones and, as a result, appeared in a brief feature segment during the broadcast.

This is the only thing that’s seen more parties than us.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Chad LaRose. He was my favorite player in Lowell durin the 04-05 season (lockout year). HOORAY!!!!!!!!