Book Review: Gratoony the Loony by Gilles Gratton

Sports are replete with stereotypes. Yet few are probably as old and ingrained as that ice hockey goaltenders are quirky weird crazy. Even Hall of Fame goaltender Bernie Parent said, “You don’t have to be crazy to be a goalie. But it helps!” And then there’s the goaltenders who embody the stereotype, such as Gilles […]

Seems like a $50 million salary package draws attention

Each year, The Hockey News publishes what it calls it’s “Bucks and Pucks” issue. This year’s edition hits newsstands next week with former Stampede player Thomas Vanek on the cover. According to The Hockey News, the cover story “examin[es] what life is like for Buffalo Sabres left-winger Thomas Vanek after his new contract makes him […]

Finishing the check

One of the purposes of checking in hockey is to disrupt your opponent’s play. The front office of the NHL’s Dallas Stars apparently decided to take a cue from its players and to put a few body checks in their advertising for the upcoming season. Here’s what two of the billboards the Stars have up […]

Of hockey all-stars and education

While I’m not the biggest NHL fan, there is news worthy of note. Former Stampede and U of M Gopher star Thomas Vanek received the largest number of write-in votes for this year’s NHL All-Star team. Vanek, who holds the Stampede records for most goals and most points in a season and in a career, […]

The cup

Congrats to former Sioux Falls Stampede player Chad LaRose, who will now have his name inscribed on the Stanley Cup as a member of the winning Carolina Hurricanes.

LaRose was a member of the Stampede in its first year of existence and played part of year two before moving to the Ontario Hockey League. He […]