Dicta and miscellany

Chad at CCK points us to a study purportedly showing that the more psychotic a voter is, the more likely they were to vote for Bush. I missed this NPR story on “reading the law” when it aired. I recall watching Archie Bangs of Rapid City in the courtroom when I was a reporter. […]

More marginalia

A variety of matters have kept me from doing anything substantive outside of work, let alone reading and writing reviews I need to do. Thus, another collection of marginalia, to be soon followed by some dicta and miscellany.

The NYT announced its 10 Best Books of 2006. I’ve read two, both nonfiction: Rory Stewart’s excellent […]

Marginalia and miscellany

Kudos to John Scalzi for providing free electronic editions of his book The Ghost Brigades to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He did the same last year with Old Man’s War (review here). By the way, this is a perfect time of year to once again go and read John’s Being Poor. Unrelated kudos […]

Book Review: This Is Your Brain on Music (2006)

Many freely admit they are addicted. I am one of them. We can’t go through a day without listening to music on the radio, a stereo or MP3 player. Purchase of concert tickets or a new release by a favorite artist ranks among the necessities of life. Snippets of songs heard in passing almost immediately […]

Thanksgiving trimmings

Scott H. nails it again with his holiday shopping tips. SF Bookworm, which I have now added to my RSS reader, has a two-part post on 20 collectible SF and fantasy authors. (Via SF Signal.) Charles Shields, who wrote the well-received biography of Harper Lee, is now working on a biography of Kurt Vonnegut. […]