Books A to Z – Part 2

The second half of the alphabet was the harder of the two parts of the “A to Z” list. One reason is not surprising. I haven’t read a lot of books beginning with “Q” or “Z”, thereby severely narrowing the field of contenders. On the other hand, I was surprised how many books I consider […]

Follow up on the “Lost Tomb” of Jesus

For some reason, it didn’t sink in until a couple minutes after I put up the last post, which had an item dealing with the so-called “Lost Tomb of Jesus.”

Turns out the archaeological site from which these ossuaries were recovered was discussed in the introduction to James Tabor’s The Jesus Dynasty, which I reviewed […]

Crazed tinged notes and marginalia

A couple of things drove me a bit crazy (not a long trip) over the last few days. No, it wasn’t the weekend snow or even the reports more are on the way. On Saturday night, my MP3 player died. You know things aren’t looking good when the message “Hard Drive Failure” appears when you […]

Books A to Z – Part 1

The seed for this post and its second part was planted with a Maureen Dowd column two years ago. In it, she wrote about making a list of books from A to Z that would help someone perhaps gain some insight into the person making the list. It’s something I’ve thought about doing ever since […]

Book Briefs 4

Brief reviews of a variety of books which, for whatever reason, I haven’t had the time or desire to write full reviews:

The Black Hills Yesterday & Today, Paul Horsted — A wonderful coffee table book about the Black Hills region in which photographer Paul Horsted found locations from which photos were taken from 1875 […]