Crazed tinged notes and marginalia

A couple of things drove me a bit crazy (not a long trip) over the last few days. No, it wasn’t the weekend snow or even the reports more are on the way. On Saturday night, my MP3 player died. You know things aren’t looking good when the message “Hard Drive Failure” appears when you turn it on. Serious and repeated resuscitation efforts proved fruitless. Thus, I am sans MP3 player and not happy.

Then yesterday I was finalizing arrangements for a trip to Washington, DC. I fail to understand why it costs $200 a person less to fly from Omaha to Washington than from Sioux Falls to Washington when the connecting flight into and out of DC is the same. And why take connecting flights out of Sioux Falls if you can fly direct from Omaha and save $800? Likewise, I do not understand how a standard hotel room in downtown DC can run $399 a night plus about 15% tax. I’m sure I could find something cheaper in outlying areas but it complicates getting to and from the CLE I’m attending and coordinating with the wife and kids in connection with their adventures while I’m at the CLE.

But just to show I’m not the only one running around half-crazed, here’s a couple items from the last several days dealing with the crazed or fanatical:

  • Why follow any defined procedure or process to get rid of books you don’t want in the school library? Just check them out and never return them. (Via Book Chase.)
  • A wonderful t-shirt response to other book banners.
  • NASA is ready if any astronauts go crazy — in space, that is.
  • If you haven’t heard already, James Cameron, the director of Aliens and Titantic fame, claims to have found the family tomb of Jesus Christ, including his wife. I’m guessing that not only won’t this divert the media from important things like Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, true believers won’t care what the evidence actually may be, greeting it simply with “outrage.”

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane

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