Interim marginalia

To show I am still alive (at least I am operating under that impression, true or not), I thought I would pass along a couple things that struck me in my recent limited trips to the internet.

I have often said over the last six years that I feel like we are living in a […]

Forthcoming sparsity

It’s not like this place has been overflowing with content, but there likely will be a growing sparsity. There’s a variety of reasons. the most significant of which seem beyond my control at the time and which I may discuss in the future if I can get a handle on them.

Suffice it to say […]

E books

Cory Doctorow has an excellent column in the latest Locus magazine on why people don’t read e books (or e-books). I’m with him in that I don’t want to use a laptop or desktop screen to read much more than a dozen or so paragraphs. Even though I write plenty of stuff on a computer, […]

Book Review: Songs from the Black Chair

We have strange attitudes toward mental illness. Psychological disorders aren’t so bad if they give us characters who entertain us on television (the obsessive compulsive title character in Monk), in movies (the multiple phobias and disorders in What About Bob?) or even in classic literary works (the depression of Winnie the Pooh‘s Eeyore and apparent […]

End of the week marginalia

This started out as simply a post about some of the fascinating stuff flowing out of NASA earlier this week (and, no, I don’t mean “news” about Lisa Nowak). But a variety of items conspired to lead to its delay and inclusion here, as well as a declining attitude toward much. The silver lining is […]