Book Review: Anti-Christ: A Satirical End of Days

Satire is a dangerous vehicle. There is a fine line between farce and simply being absurd, between making a point and clobbering the reader over the head with it. At times, those lines, particularly the latter, blur for Matthew Moses in his Anti-Christ: A Satirical End of Days. Yet there are probably many in its […]

A surprising, but red hot, Album of the Year

Most anyone familiar with my musical tastes may find my selection for record of the year for 2006 surprising. Sure, there was a new Dylan and a new Springsteen. What ultimately won out, though, was Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The selection prompts several observations.

I’d never heard a Red Hot Chili […]

Accumulated marginalia

Work, travel and real life precluded any posting this week. And while lacking sufficient ambition to write any reviews, the TBR stack grew a bit thanks to a library trip, bookstore trips (both in and out of town) and receipt of books I’ve agreed to review. This all yields marginalia for the time being with […]

Blizzard marginalia

It seems that with more frequency I find myself thinking about “back when I was a kid” or the “good old days.” Still, whether it is due to localized snowfall amounts, growth of the city or simply memory exaggeration, it strikes me that blizzards were bigger and badder back in the day. Huge drifts and […]

The Top 10

Having waded through the book journal for the A to Z list, time for the top 10, even though my list probably isn’t as important as other lists of favorite books. As I indicated, some books on this list weren’t on the A to Z list because of that list’s limitation of one book per […]