Addiction taking precedence over blogging — and many other things

Okay, I’m addicted. And that’s the reason things have been sparse around here lately.

What am I addicted to? NHL Center Ice. In eight of the last 10 days or so, I’ve spent anywhere from two to four hours a night watching hockey on TV. The two days I missed were because I was at […]

Sunday morning marginalia

PP has an excellent post about the Capitol mural South Dakota hides. Just after posting about Emma Larkin’s Finding George Orwell in Burma, I learned she has been back to the country and is blogging about the state of affairs there at her publisher’s website. (Via.) There’s an excellent piece in The Guardian on […]

Seems like a $50 million salary package draws attention

Each year, The Hockey News publishes what it calls it’s “Bucks and Pucks” issue. This year’s edition hits newsstands next week with former Stampede player Thomas Vanek on the cover. According to The Hockey News, the cover story “examin[es] what life is like for Buffalo Sabres left-winger Thomas Vanek after his new contract makes him […]

Book Briefs 5

I’ve been a relative slackard over the last several months when it comes to actually doing reviews. It seems the only ones I get done are for books sent me for review purposes. As a result, I’m going to try to at least make these book briefs a semi-regular feature.

Clapton: The Autobiography, Eric Clapton […]

Friday marginalia

Maybe I need to read some of Nobel Prize laureate Doris Lessing‘s work as she sounds like my kind of person. Her response to winning the literature prize? “Oh Christ, I couldn’t care less!” Earlier this week I finally got around to watching the 60 Minutes piece on Bruce Springsteen. You need to see […]