Bookish marginalia

As “fug” is unquestionably being overused in the press and blogs regarding Norman Mailer’s death, I’ll instead note it by a collection of book-related links from the last several days:

Good thing they can only throw digital images of books. LibraryThing calls Shelfari “unethical” and “basically social networking rapists.” Continuing to encourage travel and international […]

Happy happy joy joy II

The last time this post title appeared it was because I had tickets to a Springsteen solo performance at Northrup Auditorium in Minneapolis. Today, it is because I got two good lower level seats to Bruce and the E Street Band in St. Paul on March 16.

That’s right. Immediately after last Friday’s concert at […]

The word you’ve been searching for?

English is a strange yet versatile language. Words that are spelled the same can vary in meaning or pronunciation depending on the context (a “lead balloon” depends on whether you’re talking about a balloon race or a bad idea) while others change depending on the tense (“read,” for example). Still, there are times when the […]

Book Briefs 6

Halting State, Charles Stross — Despite the level of his output, Charles Stross is about as far as one can get from SF formula. His works range from exploring the concept of the Singularity to an award-winning alternate history series to a spy agency dealing with Lovecraftian opponents. Halting State, his latest novel, is a […]

Midweek marginalia

I was originally going to do a somewhat lengthy post regarding the first item below but suffice it to say that while the rhetoric is extreme and pessimistic, a sad truth underlies it.

One of the better politically oriented blog posts I’ve read in a long time: The Barren, Deadly Wasteland that Is Now Our […]