Forthcoming blog silence

The lights will largely be off around here for the next couple weeks. My wife and I are embarking on our long anticipated trip to the Baltic. (The sea, not the town north of Sioux Falls.)

I am going sans laptop not because of seizure concerns but because there will be much more interesting […]

Book Review: The Mirrored Heavens by David J. Williams

Although normally cast in the future, science fiction still tends to be built upon current or relatively recent events and the state of the world. That’s certainly the case with The Mirrored Heavens, the debut novel by David J. Williams. Williams uses terrorist threats, political battles, military branch rivalries and East-West distrust and tension as […]

Book Review: The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing

It’s kind of a puzzle. How does a book reviewer review a how to book on book reviewing? More than other reviews, the reader may judge the book solely by the review itself. After all, since the reviewer just get done reading about writing book reviews doesn’t the quality of the review reflect the value […]

Weekend marginalia

It’s just been too nice to spend time staring at a computer screen so linkage has been sparse here lately. But there’s been various, perhaps rather eclectic, items recently I thought worth passing along:

One thing that didn’t make me happy this week was learning that the first major art gallery exhibit by Bob Dylan […]

How to combat the announcer gap

Because the National Endowment for the Arts believes the number of working writers and authors in South Dakota dropped from 222 in 1990 to 190 in 2000, the NYT book blog asks, “Who is killing the writers of South Dakota?” But perhaps the real question is, “Who’s killing the announcers of South Dakota?”

According to […]