Best of 2009 — Books

Although people are sick of “best of” lists by now, especially when you throw in “best of the decade” lists, I always wait until the end of the year before posting my favorite books of the year. Given that I tend to do a lot of reading over the holidays, I fear that if I […]

Another in the ‘I wish I’d said that’ category

Part of the reason reading is so important to me is the ability of people to express thoughts, ideas and emotions with the written word. I also recognize there are plenty of people who can do that far, far better than I. The latest case in point is a blog entry I came across through […]

Book Review: The Appointment by Herta Müller

In announcing that Herta Müller won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature, the Swedish Academy said simply that she is someone who, with her poetry and “the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed.” In The Appointment, the work of hers most recently translated into English, Müller shows that landscape is not limited […]

Finalizing the challenge list

As the end of the year approaches (and with it my books of the year post), I think I’ve settled on my reading challenges for the next. Because I am still in the midst of the Random Reading Challenge, at least for now I’m only doing three others this year:

As I previously noted, I’m […]

2009 — The year of (recorded) live music

With Springsteen and Dylan both releasing new CDs in 2009, you would think that would simplify my choices for album of the year. But Working on a Dream ranks as a below average Springsteen release and I’m enough of a Grinch that even Dylan doesn’t make me want to buy a CD of Christmas songs. […]