Weekend Edition: 1-17

Random Observations

It’s nice to know there are still real heroes. And my guess is one of his first comments will be, “I was just doing my job.”

Back in the day when I was a paperboy (and had to deliver in 6 feet of snow, uphill both ways), there was both the Minneapolis Star (evening) and the Minneapolis Tribune (morning). Thus, it is with sadness I read that the StarTribune has filed for bankruptcy.

Bookish Linkage

The 2009 Tournament of Books is on the horizon. (I’ve read three of the 16 contenders.)

I am always fearful when movie studios buy the rights to classic SF works.

Nonbookish Linkage

An American Stonhenge — under a lake??? Hope this isn’t like the “monuments on Mars.”

Planet Earth porn.

Thinking about it kind of makes my head hurt, but is Planet Earth simply a hologram?

After that, beer and sci-fi sounds like an enjoyable weekend.

Self-trust is the essence of heroism.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Faulkner, Heroism

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