Musing Mondays: Sickness and injury


How does your being sick (or injured) affect your reading? Do you read more? Less? Do you pick out a different book than you had already planned? Do you have a “comfort book” that makes you feel better?

Most of the time if I’m sick I end up reading less, either because I don’t feel up to it or I tend to sleep. For injuries, it depends on the nature of the injury. Most of the time I probably read a little more if I am housebound. It tends to decline a bit if the pain medication, if any, tends to make you drowsy. Then, I end up reading with my eyes closed.

The worst for me was several years ago when I had surgery for a detached retina. One of the post-op restrictions was no reading for six weeks. I about climbed the wall and I discovered that audio books just make me sleepy. Between that and being unable to drive, my wife was about ready to shoot me.

You aren’t ill: it is just that you are made of second-rate materials.

Natalia Ginzburg, Family Sayings

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