Weekend Edition: 1-24

Random Observations

Two contributors to Open Democracy nail it when it comes to the politics of most political blogs. An excerpt:

The democratising possibilities of the internet are in the process of speeding the degeneration of the public sphere into a proliferation of insular nodes, each fighting a war that can never be won. Battles cannot be won on the net nor can they be lost. What remains is a solipsistic politics of ME, ME, ME: my views, my truths, my facts, my pain, my anger. Convincing others and changing the world is forgotten in favour of the perpetuation of one’s own perspective.

Bookish Linkage

Google and the future of books (Part ??????).

Remember and love the old Little Golden Books? Then check out Golden Gems.

SF Master Frederick Pohl has started a blog — at age 89.

Hmmm, a British list war? As the Telegraph comes up with a list of 100 novels everyone “should” read, the Guardian has a list of 1,000 novels everyone “must” read. The Guardian explains how and why 1,000.

Most concise and to the point blog post of the week: “For the love of god, make the six word story stop.”

Another entry in a class of books I despise.

Nonbookish Linkage

Something everyone can disagree with: a ranking of every Beatles song.

The Bush Years in The Onion headlines.

Then there’s this Facebook take.

A major hat tip to Corey V. for the link to Days with My Father. Having had a parent who suffered from Alzheimer’s, I understand each and every emotion expressed.

And if you don’t believe that Alzheimer’s is the equivalent of death, try living with it for a year and a half.

Eleanor Cooney, Death in Slow Motion

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