Friday Follies 1.1

The “Gotta Blame Someone” Society: A Harris Poll conducted on March 31 and April 1 showed that two-thirds of the adults surveyed believe advertising agencies should bear some responsibility for the current economic crisis “because they caused people to buy things they couldn’t afford.”

I’m guessing the judge probably didn’t take too kindly to this guy’s attempt to get out of jury duty. Although I must admit chuckling at the line, “I would rather count the wrinkles on my dogs balls than sit on a jury.”

This lede from a recent column in the U.K.’s The Times brings to mind far too many lawyer jokes: “Lawyers are sometimes criticised for screwing clients with unwarranted fees. In a case in London, a client has alleged a rather direct version of that, saying her lawyer charged for having sex with her.

A Texas man was arrested after he complained to his neighbors, including their 13-year-old daughter, that “I’m tired of your cats shitting in my flower beds.” He is the third person arrested for disorderly conduct in Galveston County in the last eight months for cursing.

Can you say “issues”? Son bashes father on head with flashlight and firewood, then cuts out father’s pacemaker with a pocketknife. (Via.)

Also in the poor judgment category: A 19-year-old Wisconsin man is arrested for burglarizing cars and tells police he did so because “he was in serious legal trouble and was trying to get money to help pay for a lawyer.” (Via.)

US Airways to charge fee for paying fee.

Justice Antonin Scalia: Privacy protection silly, unless you’re talking about information about him.

…you are the sum total of your data. No man escapes that.

Don DeLillo, White Noise

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