Weekend Edition: 5-16

Achievement Awards

Blog headline of the week: World Realizes Internet Has Free Porn, Stops Caring About Playboy

Bookish Linkage

Ro, ro. A federal court in Russia ordered a local newspaper reporter to pay compensatory damages of $1,000 “to a writer who did not like a review of his book published in the newspaper.” The author sought $150,000 in damages for severe mental suffering and damage to his reputation. (Via.)

Evelio Rosero’s The Armies, about life in Columbia during its ongoing civil war, won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

Nonbookish Linkage

Space Porn Astronomy photo of the day.

Microsoft no longer recognizes a law firm named “Gates” as a preferred provider.

Makes sense to me: “the State has no duty to defend when a judge knows or should know that the conduct of which he or she is accused is unethical and therefore not an official act.”

100 obscure and remarkable album CD covers.

The blogosphere’s version of pay to play.

The secret to happiness? “Employing mature adaptations,” education, stable marriage, not smoking, not abusing alcohol, some exercise, and healthy weight. I find the last two depressing. (Via.)

When it comes to “police state,” no one’s surprised if China, North Korea, Belarus or even Russia show up on the list. But the U.K. ranking 5th and the U.S. 6th? (Via.)

Doesn’t surprise me at all: 60 percent of Twitter users abandon it after a month.

Illegal Curve has an excellent beginning to a list of hockey jargon. My personal favorite is the second part of the “Cup” definition.

Reality is an acquired taste.

Bruce Bodaken and Robert Fritz, The Managerial Moment of Truth

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