Travel, a delayed test and, of course, books

So I arrived back at UMass yesterday her “new student orientation” that began last night and runs through tomorrow. It gives rise to a couple opportunities, one of which hasn’t come to fruitioin yet but one certainly did.

I had been hoping to try and post to the blog via a WordPress app for my Blackberry Storm. As is the case with beta versions, though, success has yet to be achieved. One problem with connecting was fixed in a new beta but that one, it seems, created its own problem that they’re hoping to fix in a new beta. So, at least at this point, no remote posting.

Shortly after getting here, though, I went to a bookstore book collective I didn’t get to on our first trip here. I later revisited another. So far, there’s three new books going into the carry-on. Two, though, were closeouts at less than half-price (and even less than Amazon), including the predecessor to a book not available in the U.S. that I blogged about more than 18 months ago. The third first showed up on my bibliolust list last November and I’d yet to have seen it in any other brick and mortar bookstore.

Throw in the fact this was an indie bookstore, I clearly had no choice but to buy all three books (plus my daughter bought two).

Supporting our independent community booksellers is a gift we not only bestow on ourselves, but one to preserve for the next generation.

Kristin Kennell, former manager, Elliott Bay Book Company

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