Friday Follies 1.6

The Friday Follies were delayed today due to the ongoing college trip. And it has produced one of the biggest follies I’ve encountered, but that is the subject of a separate post tomorrow. That said, here’s this edition of the follies:

“A super-secure federal prison ruled that two books written by President Obama contain information ‘potentially detrimental to national security‘ and rejected an inmate’s request to read them.” (Via.)

Are “holey” shoes an unfair trial strategy?

Easy legal advice (unless you are too stoned): Don’t put your pot and cocaine in with your money at the drive-through bank deposit canister. (Via.)

If only stupidity were a defense.

I know Clinton was very happy with the work of the “department of law there in the White House.” (Via.)

So you or your business can avoid problems in the future, be aware that the Code of Judicial Conduct precludes a judge from asking for donations of cardboard boxes to help the court move to a new facility.

Offered for debate: drunken breast-feeding is a crime in North Dakota. (Via.)

Son, how you like to make a buck doing a little chore for Dad? (Via.)

I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.

Edgar Allan Poe, Marginalia

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