Weekend Edition: 11-7

Bulletin Board

  • I had the pleasure of speaking about blogging this week at the Newspaper Writing: Critical/Editorial course offered by Augie’s English/Journalism programs
  • If only I’d known earlier, a personal dream would come true tonight. Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle (the greatest rock album ever made) in its entirety for the first time tonight at Madison Square Garden.

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Bookish Linkage

  • Today is National Bookstore Day, designed to build the visibility of independent bookstores. South Dakota, sadly, is invisible.
  • Is The Boss writing The Book? (Via.)
  • Giving new meaning to the term “longlist,” the longlist for the 2010 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award has 156 books on it.
  • I know NaNoWriMo is big in the book blogosphere and podcastosphere (?) but I’m more along the lines that it should probably be called Write A Shitty Novel Month. (Via.) (Oh Gawd, there’s a similar one for blogs called NaBloPoMo, where the goal seems to be quantity, not quality.)

Nonbookish Linkage

You got to learn to live with what you are

Ben Folds, “Learn to Live with What You Are,”

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