Book Review: Orange Sunshine by Nicholas Schou

When people hear the word LSD or the phrase “turn on, tune in, drop out,” a couple images likely come to mind. One is Timothy Leary, the most publicized advocate of LSD. Another is a group of spaced-out hippies in psychedelic clothing (often optional) at a “be-in.” What probably doesn’t come to mind is a […]

South Dakota makes a Top 10 “fairness” list

Often finding itself low in national rankings on items from teacher salaries to average annual pay, South Dakota made the top ten in a new ranking out this week. It is 10th among all 50 states in “the fairness of its litigation environment.”

Of course, all rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. […]

Weekend Edition: 3-20

Bulletin Board

I’m a little behind on this but the Siouxland Libraries has started a blog named, appropriately, Check it out!. It has been added to the blogroll.

Blog Headlines of the Week

States Realizing That A $50 Rebate Won’t Make A Broke Person Buy A Fridge

Hysterical Amazon exec calls 911, says accelerator […]

Friday Follies 2.6

Stupid Legislative Trick of the Week: A New York legislator last week introduced a bill that would prohibit restaurants from using salt when preparing customers’ meals.

Folly or bravery for a lawyer who may need to appear before the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? “…two judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wiped […]

Book Review: Strange Days Indeed by Francis Wheen

There’s a saying a number of people my age share: “If you remember the ’70s, it means you didn’t live through them.” British journalist and author Francis Wheen, though, has me thinking that maybe that lack of memory was not chemically induced but, rather, the result of trying to forget.

With Strange Days Indeed: The […]