Friday Follies 2.11

Stupid Legislative Trick of the Week 1: The Arizona House passed a bill requiring presidential candidates to show their birth certificate if they want to be on the state’s ballot.

Stupid Legislative Trick of the Week 2: The Georgia legislature has passed a bill to outlaw nonconsensual microchip-implanting. The post indicates our neighbors to the north (a/k/a/ North Dakota) already have such a law on their books. But it all begs the question. Are the space aliens even bound by our laws?

A British handyman who was injured when he sawed off the tree limb he had propped his ladder against is suing his employers.

Falling is evidently quite the legal concern in Britain. “A criminal who escapes officers by climbing on the roof of his house has been banned from every rooftop in his borough – in case he falls and sues police.” (Overlawyered)

I think Bill Murray should be a defendant in this lawsuit since his failure to destroy the gophers is undoubtedly the ultimate cause of this plaintiff’s problem.

Three bisexual men are suing a national gay athletic organization saying they were deemed not gay enough to participate in the Gay Softball World Series. (Jonathan Turley)

Lawyers are like nuclear warheads. I have them because the other guy has them, but the first time you use them it fucks everything up.

Larry “the Liquidator” Garfield (Danny Devito), Other People’s Money

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  • One of my students is Hispanic and has done two tours in Iraq. He was talking in class today about how he would feel if he were stopped and accused of “not being a citizen.”