Friday Follies 2.38

I am a Festivus enthusiast, but I evidently missed one of its principles. A longtime inmate at the Orange County jail has successfully argued he is entitled to special meals because eating the salami served at the jail would violate his religious beliefs in Festivus.

A jury will decide if failing to put a plastic toilet paper dispenser in a “locked” position creates a dangerous condition.

A Pennsylvania couple is suing local law enforcement over the death of their 33-year-old son, alleging among other things that when they asked police to summon medical attention because he was not breathing while laying on the ground handcuffed an officer told them he “was faking it and holding his breath.”

Chief appeals court judge observes that city council member’s ““hissy fit” and “petty pique” was more disruptive of council meeting than “silent Nazi salute” by audience member. (As an aside, I agree with the decision; I just love the contrast in the judge’s concurring opinion.]

A Los Angeles man sues his female boss, alleging she had a habit of “striking and assaulting and battering male employees in their genitals.”

Who’s surprised that the story about two guys who broke into a store that gives things away for free notes that “the men were drunk.” (via)

A California judge dismissed a lawsuit against a restaurant by two men who claimed they were were scalded by “exploding” escargot. Not only did they get sprayed with hot garlic butter, one of the plaintiffs also complained of the restaurant staff’s “friggin’ rudeness.” (via)

The problem with common sense is that most people are morons.

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