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  • Cory, who when I last checked had 376 posts to my 43, comments on the fact the KELO Issues blog to which I contributed is ending, partly because of “the low number of regular contributions.” Given that I am seventh out of the eight bloggers for number of contributions (even being outpaced by someone who quit blogging at the site nearly 10 months ago), perhaps I am partly to blame. Oh, well. It’s tough to keep things going here — and most of the posts here don’t translate easily to an “issues”- oriented blog. Still, as Cory observes, it was “generally enjoyable.”

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January, month of empty pockets!

Collette, Journey for Myself

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  • It’s maddening that anyone would dare touch Huck Finn, and that people are so afraid of being pilloried that they can’t even discuss in a classroom “the n-word.”