Weekend Edition: 7-30

Bulletin Board

Do Nothing But Read Day is set for Saturday, August 6. Although I believe they frequently amount to the same thing, the requirements are: (1) you have to read, and (2) you have to enjoy yourself. Accordingly, the DNBR crest is being added to the right sidebar.

It seems standing up for […]

Where should (a) justice reside?

I think the media missed the forest for the trees in covering yesterday’s S.D. Supreme Court opinion on the appointment of members of that court. Much of the coverage seems to focus on the thought that any lawyer in the state can apply for any open judicial position. But that is not the crux or […]

South Dakota authors: “No one of note”

I am not easily offended. But there are exceptions. One is the post at the Publishers Weekly‘s blog of the “singular” writers for each of the 50 states. South Dakota’s entry? “No one of note. The closest South Dakota has to literary tradition is that Laura Ingalls Wilder’s itinerant childhood stopped through Dakota territory [sic] […]

Weekend Edition: 7-23

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Farmageddon (“If you long for the days of an agrarian based democracy and family life on the farm, you have to buy Terry Redlin prints to capture the time. If it ever really existed.”)

Rescuing Books (“Being told to keep two copies of a book in stock and […]

Out, damned typo

I’m not surprised when I see typos in book galleys or advance readers copies. After all, these come before a book is finally coming off the presses. Over time, though, I have been surprised at the seemingly increasing number of typos in finished books. Now it appears computers may be to blame, at least in […]