Weekend Edition: 6-30

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • The Perfect Listen (“It’s usually anywhere between the second and fifth listen that fragments that maybe weren’t evident on first glance suddenly come at you or your brain makes a connection that could only have been made indirectly. That’s when a song start to mean something to you.”)
  • Your E-Book Is Reading You (“The major new players in e-book publishing—Amazon, Apple and Google—can easily track how far readers are getting in books, how long they spend reading them and which search terms they use to find books.”

Blog Post of the Week

  • Respected medical researcher Jenny McCarthy will be in Playboy again this month, and hopefully she’ll talk some more about the causes of autism. What are those causes? I have no idea, and neither does Jenny. Which is why she’s showing her tits in Playboy again.

Bookish Linkage

Nonbookish Linkage

  • Want to know what’s in those “national security letters” the government can use to get information without a warrant. Sorry, it’s a secret.

Wierd Shit of the Week

It’s gotta be a drag when you peak in high school

Everclear, “Falling In A Good Way,” Invisible Stars

1 comment to Weekend Edition: 6-30

  • D.E. Bishop

    Jenny McCarthy has done so much real and permanent damage to people, especially children. Maybe someone could sue her for that harm and so force her to shut the hell up!

    The apocalypses were indeed weird. And the list of books were truly annoying to this liberal. Grrr.I may read some of those Midwest books. They sound interesting. Actually, I may read some of the weird apocalypse books too. And they better take some action against that pervert prof. Icky.

    Thanks for the usual fun and interesting Weekend Edition.