Weekend Edition: 10-27

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It’s Genre. Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It! (“Genre, served straight up, has its limitations, and there’s no reason to pretend otherwise. Indeed, it’s these very limitations that attract us.”)

Blog Headline of the Week

Law Firm Associates and Prostitutes: A Comparative Analysis

Bookish Linkage

Self-published books accounted […]

Weekend Edition: 10-20

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

The Death of Free Speech In The West (“The much-misconstrued statement of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes that free speech does not give you the right to shout fire in a crowded theater is now being used to curtail speech that might provoke a violence-prone minority. Our entire society is […]

A bit of memoir mania

I’ve never investigated if publishers push autobiographies and memoirs to a particular time of year. All I know is they’ve dominated my reading lately.

Four of the last five books I’ve read (and five of the last eight) are autobiographies/memoirs. (Who decides when a work crosses the line between autobiography and memoir?) All four […]

Weekend Edition: 10-13

Bulletin Board

The one thing that makes fall and winter tolerable is back. USHL hockey is in its third weekend and college hockey kicked off this week. As for the NHL, all I know is that regardless of when the lockout ends I will not longer give it my money for the Center Ice package. […]

A belated Book Festival follow-up

I know, it’s been a couple weeks since the Festival of Books. But, as you can see, I’ve been mostly absent from the blog. Being crazy busy at work doesn’t go well with oral surgery (fortunately after the Festival), especially when it greatly impairs your ability to speak. Besides, one of the items just came […]

Banned Books Week: Challenged books that shaped America

Even though I’m not doing a week-long series of posts this year, I couldn’t let Banned Books Week pass without at least one. So, I thought it appropriate to mentioned banned books that helped shape the country.

Now I’m not the one who designated these books. Rather, earlier this year the Library of Congress came […]