Our (sad) missed connections

Being happily married for 31 years, I’ve never had a reason to look at the Missed Connections on Craiglist. But something from earlier this year that just caught my attention makes me somewhat embarrassed for South Dakota and a lot of other places in the nation.

Dorothy Gambrell put together a map for Psychology Today showing a state-by-state breakdown of “the most common hotspots” for the Craigslist Missed Connections. And where is missed love most occurring in South Dakota? Walmart. Surprisingly (or sadly) the same is true for 14 others states, such as Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Montana and Idaho. Considered logically, I suppose it makes some sense given the number of Walmarts in the country and how many people shop there.

Supermarkets are also frequent places for the missed connections, including in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Hawaii is my favorite — the beach. There are a couple quite disturbing entries in the graphic. In Indiana, the “hotspot” is “At Home.” And for those with a median age of 40, it’s “strip club or adult bookstore.”

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?

The Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby,” Revolver

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