In the minority — again

It’s surprising sometimes what the federal government looks at. As the name suggests, one of its latest reports — the American Time Use Survey — looks at the activities that make up our days. Among other things, it shows I’m once again in the minority, this time in “leisure time.”

According to the study, Americans […]

Our (sad) missed connections

Being happily married for 31 years, I’ve never had a reason to look at the Missed Connections on Craiglist. But something from earlier this year that just caught my attention makes me somewhat embarrassed for South Dakota and a lot of other places in the nation.

Dorothy Gambrell put together a map for Psychology Today […]

Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

Normally, I would be writing about missteps and milestones today. But there weren’t really any missteps and there was a major milestone. As a result, I decided Matt Haig’s The Humans deserved more than a passing mention. It is the first book I’ve given a five star rating on Goodreads in two years. I also […]

Another era passes, proving again how old I am

The headline on The Atlantic site says it all: Last Typewriter Factory in the World Shuts Its Doors. Although I haven’t used a typewriter in years and their use has become outmoded, it’s still a sad day.

You see, I’m from the age where you took typing class — not “keyboarding.” I’m from the age […]

How (not) to teach ethics and integrity

Maybe this is an old fart rant or another display of naïveté but some things really do outrage me. The latest is the NYT article about at least one law school applying “do as I say, not as I do” to ethics and honesty.

According to the article, Loyola Law School Los Angeles is “retroactively […]