Defending Socrates — or at least his method

Legal education has been under attack from inside and outside the legal profession for any number of years. But with the recent economic crunch and the lack of jobs, one of the targets is the Socratic method. One of the more recent attacks came in a blog post at the Chronicle of Higher Education, where […]

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Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

You’re Richer Than You Think (“… we struggle to pay for the lifestyles we think we deserve when billions struggle to live. The inconvenient truth is that most of us have more than we need and spend more than we should.”)

Happiness and Its Discontents (“[We can] feel […]

Practicing law becomes a second tier job

The debt incurred and lack of jobs may not be the only reason law schools have seen plummeting enrollment. Being a lawyer now ranks 51st in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings of the 100 best jobs. And the methodology used for the rankings may give practicing law a boost.

So what’s better […]

South Dakota and the copyright troll industry

South Dakota’s far from the intersection of intellectual property rights and modern technology. But that doesn’t keep it from being involved with national issues on the subject, even if somewhat extraneously.

Last week a leading blog on copyright trolls urged readers to contact Secretary of State Jason Gant. The reason? Seems Crystal Bay Corporation, incorporated […]

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Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Perpetual War And America’s Military-Industrial Complex 50 Years After Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (“The new military-industrial complex is fuelled by a conveniently ambiguous and unseen enemy: the terrorist.”)

Pages Ain’t Nothing But a Number (or, Let’s All Stop Judging People by How Much They Read) (“If someone reads fewer […]