Weekend Edition: 3-28

Bulletin Board

It’s my annual “hockey weekend.” The NCAA Division I men’s hockey tournament began yesterday. I watched three games and live cut-ins to a fourth yesterday (and went to a Stampede game last night). There’s six more games on TV today (making me thankful for DVRs) and two tomorrow. Not that I’m obsessed or […]

Illogicality #1

Maybe age is making me increasingly curmudgeonly but I seem to see and hear more things taken at face value that leave me absolutely dumbfounded. The one I read today was so ironic and illogical that it prompts a new series called Illogicality. It will appear when items strike me as asinine enough to be […]

What kind of library user are you?

Libraries and the role they play in people’s lives and their communities is an area the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life project has been studying. Earlier this month, it released a report on what it calls “a typology of library engagement in American.” The report is based on Americans 16 years old and […]

Weekend Edition: 3-21

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

If You Don’t Like Reading, You’re Doing It Wrong(“I am afraid too many people are stuck in the same place I was 9 years ago. They do not hold reading with disdain or harsh feelings. They simply do not know how to love reading. They are stuck with the […]

Weekend Edition: 3-15

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

How to save the US (“The solution is obvious. The US needs to model itself on its most sanctified institution: the military.”)

Reading to Have Read (“…the idea of Spritzing is the apotheosis of speed reading: reading in which completion is the only goal.”)

Let Me Count […]