Weekend Edition: 5-10

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Now That Books Mean Nothing (“As much as I may want (or have wanted) it to be so, books haven’t been a sufficient comfort or diversion as I prepared to lose my boobs, then lost them, and began trying to adjust to their absence from my body.”)
  • What Is a Book? (“These next few years will determine not if we preserve the history of print culture, but how.”)
  • A Foreign Policy for the Left (“The best and last example of leftist pretending is the insistence on the reasonableness of people who give no sign of being reasonable.”)

Blog Headline of the Week

Blog Line of the Week

Lawsuit of the Week

Legal Ruling of the Week

  • An “inactive” Tennessee lawyer’s effort to intervene in a Florida case seeking to force Florida to recognize gay marriage because he wants to marry his “porn-filled Apple computer” was denied by the federal judge

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