Not to say I told you so, but…

Following the Hobby Lobby decision, I wrote that one of the more problematic issues I saw was that the decision was framed in terms of the “sincerely held religious beliefs” of the company’s owners. My concern was this could result in judging a person’s beliefs. The Satanic Temple is stepping through that door.

It is […]

Weekend Edition: 7-26

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How The Public Library Turned Me Into A Reader (“The books that visited me from the public library were mostly ephemeral events in my life; they came, were devoured, were discarded and were ultimately forgotten. Their effects, however, still linger.”)

Most Cringeworthy Lawsuit of the Week

An Alabama man […]

Book Review: Duel with the Devil by Paul Collins

Hamilton and Burr. Sounds like a law firm you might see advertised on television. And they were lawyers. But that’s not what really ties these two men together. They are Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. For history buffs, the names may bring to mind the ongoing political battles in the 1790s between Hamilton, the nation’s […]

Weekend Edition: 7-19

Bulletin Board

Although I doubt he or she is reading this, I just wanted to tell the asshat in Provo, Utah, who tries to hack the site several times a day that using different IP addresses ain’t gonna help. There’s also a dickwad in KC who’s not quite so pesistent.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb […]

Weekend Edition: 7-12

Prior Post Update

The Leawood, Kan., City Council Monday approved a moratorium until Oct. 20 that exempts little lending libraries from an ordinance that prohibits structures in front yards

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Quitting the Cancer Battle (“Cancer patients are betrayed by our culture’s dishonesty.”

Hell-bent (“…one thing’s for certain: in the […]